NERO World Classic Rulebook - First Edition v1.22
Nero Formal Magic (9th Edition)
NERO World Classic Cantrips Rulebook - First Edition v1.2
Nature Magic
What You Need To Know If You Are Not A Naturalist.pdf

Chapter Choices

  • Cast-on-the-Fly
  • Pre-Event Formal Magic Use
  • Arrows & Bolts Without Tags
  • Magic Item Slots will be set at 5. This will include the spirit in this limit.

Play Tests

  • Arrow packets must be yellow
  • Gas packets must be green
  • We are including Nature Magic as an additional option for spell school
  • Production Workshops:
    A workshop can be created by a player for use in game instead of relying on a chapter supplied workshop.
    The costs associated with creating a workshop is 25 silver. This value may change.

    A workshop phys rep contains items used by their associated production skill. For example, if a
    character creates scrolls, they will have a quill, ink and paper. For alchemy they will have a
    mortar, pestle and vials; for potions a cauldron and vials; for runic tattoos paint, brushes and
    carving implements, for traps wires vials, noise makers; for smithing an anvil hammers and tongs.

    To assist players with making sure they create a sufficient phys rep, they can send Mead Legends a description or photos for approval.

    Player workshops will have a two year expiry date.



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