Daciana and Liviu Da'Lua are cast out from human lands
The Talo Da'Lua is officialy recognised
The forefathers to House Corvinus provide sanctuary to the Gypsies
The human barons give the Talo Da'Lua, five ships to leave their lands
The Maricu tribe joins the Talo Da'Lua
Bain Corvin starts the line of Corvinus
The Talo Da'Lua suffer heavy losess during the Battle of the Bling
The Scoala are founded
The Talo Da'Lua defeat the raiders at the Battle of the Enlightened
The Exodus Begins
The Veil is raised
House Falcon is founded
House Skaven heir brought forward and the House is reborn
Duke James Falcon dies
Duke Iduarin Falcon assumes control of House Falcon
Duke Iduarin Falcon marries Elaine Horgus
Bain Corvin dies and the leaders of Corvinus became known as the Raven
Lord Raven "The Just" in charge of Corvinus
Town of Tangles where the Archbarony of the Gloom Cliffs would develop founded.
House Skaven reveal House Horgus' plans
The Horgus Incident
House Falcon becomes Domicille Veneficii
Rue Skaven becomes Duchess of Skaven
Brotherhood of the Flame founded by Rue Skaven
Rue Skaven retires from politcs and Michael Skaven becomes Duke
Jacques Horgus attempts to reunite Horgus
The Talo Da'Lua defeat a kraken and create Guara Neagra
The Archbarony of the Gloom Cliffs venture into the baronies
The Gloom Cliffs close their borders after banditry
Duke Iduarin Falcon dies
Genevive Falcon becomes Duchess of Domicille Veneficii
The Archbarony reemerges as mercenaries
Gregor the Great kills a Green Cloak and his lands are stripped bare.
Lord Raven "The Mad" takes control of Corvinus
The Army of Exiles arrive in Talo Da'Lua Lands
The Army of Exiles liberate their families and join the Maricu tribe
Lord Raven "The mad" dies while trying to invade Domicille Veneficii
The chancellor of Corvinus assumes control
Victoria Falcon becomes Victor Skaven's concubine
The Ten Fold Treason is crushed with the help of the Army of Exiles.
De Exilatii founded
Marie Horgus tries to unite Horgus
Marie Horgus burned as a witch
Victor Skaven takes over from Duke Michael Skaven
Henry Falcon dies during a riding accident
Victor Skaven is assassinated by his brother Daron
Lucas Falcon becomes Duke of Domicille Veneficii
Daron Skaven executed by Michael Skaven for treason
Jacob Markus Skaven becomes Duke
The Brotherhood of the Hand in founded to protect the peace and hunt down corruption in Skaven lands
Dark Day and Week of the Dead in Domicille Veneficii
House Corvinus prepares to aid Domicille Veneficii to deal with the Necromancers
Michael Skaven reveal that he salvaged the Brotherhood of the Flame and dies after they swear fealty to House Skaven
Lord Raven "The Shrewd" becomes head of Corvinus, rewards the chancellor with the title Lord Raven "The Peacemaker"
Heavensgate founded. Battle for Heavengate. The Duchies make first contact with the Archbarony of the Gloom Cliffs
Lady Corvac of Corvinius, Duke Lucas Falcon's wife murdered
Duke Lucas Falcon dies some say due to grief
Lyria Falcon becomes Duchess of Domicille Veneficii
Lord Raven "The Shrewd" disappears and his son the current Raven assumes control
Baron Ronarc T' Wister of Duntreidan becomes the New Archbaron of the Gloom Cliffs.

The battle of Oathbridge

The people of Meadel Gather in the town of Oathbridge for the renewal of the Veil


The Cherry Blossom Festival

Mages and warriors gather in Three Stone River to celebrate the Cherry blossom festival

The Ducal Council

The Ducal council is convened to address several recent upsets across Meadel

Darkness at Deep Dell

Corrupted lands and rumors of weakness in the veil attract many visitors and concerned factions to Skaven Lands

A Dark Tide

More corrupted lands found, this time in the Lands of the Talo. A great many gather to witness the cleansing of the land.


The Festival of Travelling Lights

Dastyn Thowyn is announced as the new Master of Caravans at the annual festival

Ashes of War

Gates to several planes open in the Town of Tangles

A human named Rolande emerges, claiming to be of the Lost Okucheo Line.

Chaos in Kildanis

The people of Kildanis are laid under seige.

Rolande Okucheo's ancestry confirmed. Rolande is Crowned and named Kind of the Second Kingdom. Many swear fealty to the new King.


An Elven Invitation

Lord Raven of Corvinus marries the Lady Athena. The celebration is held in her elven home lands.

During wedding festivities, an unknown series of events leads to a rent being torn into the veil. Many Elven refugees stream to Corvinus.

Rent in the Veil

The people of Meadel band together to repair the damage done to the veil. The ritual is a great success.

Conclave of Stone

The Dwarven King hosts a celebration of the repair of the veil.

Arch Baron Ronarc T. Wister of the Gloomcliffs falls in combat

The Raven of Corvinus dies under mysterious Circumstances


The Cherry Blossom Festival

Celebrated 1 year early due to a rise in Magical Energy. All Mages stripped of their magic as a strange being from the plane of Magic appears

Call to Arms!

Call to arms! The time has come brave adventurers and noble heroes to march upon the desecrated Von Rindenbanes and cleanse the plagued lands of Bleakmire.

This is not merely a battle for political differences but the next stage in the war against Desecration and the Dragon King.

If not for duty then for the spoils of war, once the vile dictators have been removed there will be land available for claiming.

So come bare your arms, magics and other crafts against the common foe.


The Festival of Travelling Lights

In the wake of mysterious circumstances a new Master of Caravans has been announced amongst the Tribes of the Burning Sands and as is tradition a new Festival of Travelling Lights has been called to welcome Ishmail "The Pathfinder" to their new position and introduce them to the Tribes and any in Meadel who would wish to join in the festivities. Following the recent hardships of the war with Bleakmire many of the people of Horgus flock to the celebration seeing it as a reprieve. But where there is light a shadow must be cast and the dangers of the Althari desert are ever present.


After the Lights

In the aftermath of the perilous Festival of Travelling Lights, the people of Meadel encountered a new foe. Hints of vile magics plague the lands of the Burning Sands, as more and more undead are seen across the region.

Reports of masses of grotesque horrors and abominations have been coming in from neighbouring towns and border patrols, the people of Meadel have grown concerned.

Armies are amassing close to the border as scouts bring in reports of the source of these dark magics. On the eve of the breach of what is now called The Source, the encampment is tense.

What will they find, and will the heroes gathered be enough to stop the undead plague?


Assembly at Heavensgate

Jen's shadow grows dark across all of Meadal, a threat that crosses borders political and physical. Rolande Okucheo of the Second Kingdom invites all parties, Kingdom, Alliance and Independent alike, to an Assembly in Heavensgate to address the threat. An impartial gathering with the purpose of saving the realm once again.

But an invite to all means the arrival of those with their own machinations and desires...


Jaws of Hell

All adventurers, swords for hire, friends of Skaven and any who fight for the good of Meadal are hereby called to prove their mettle and reap the spoils of war. The time has come to engage the servants of Chaos in the city of Hell, we have breached the walls and even now armies amass north of Hope to march upon this dark cult and to end the vile and diabolical legacy of their former master. Our scouts have assayed the area and our intelligence indicates this is no battle for the weak of conviction. Able fighters are called to gather by the last moon of springtime at the forward camp.

for justice and honour
Lord High Chancellor of Skaven, Senechal of Hope
V. Thorne


Battle of the Elements

As the final pieces of the Shiny Sorceress's plan fall into place, the people of Meadel will unite once again with the aid of an eccentric mage, Rob, to stop Jen before she sets her plan in motion.

Their goal is to stop Jen from tearing another elemental node from it's place in this world. From all across Meadel, people are flocking to an encampment north of the City of Bentract to wait for the final signal from Rob, as to where Jen will strike next.


A Warrior's Feast

After the tumultuous battle with Jen and her elemental forces, the people of Meadal have won for the moment a measure of peace. Grann, issues an open invite to all adventurers for a celebration in their honour in his capital, Käärmeholme, amongst the ruins of Quetzalcoatl in the heart of the Kingdom of Grann - a celebration filled with drinking, carousing, drinking, tests of skill, drinking, pit fights and more drinking. And, since Grann wills it, a glorious time shall be had by all!


Horgus at Ransom

After the celebration following the defeat of Jen, the heroes of Meadel returned to their homes in a jovial mood. The mood quickly sours though as rumours of unrest across Horgus start spreading.

Nobles and leaders are mysteriously disappearing from their homes or offices. Towns and villages have fallen into chaos caused by the sudden loss of their leaders. Reports of these kidnappings have been vague with the only clue to the perpetrator's identity being a fiery V left in the court of Morian and the word of a farmer of Douns reporting a strange cloaked figured occupying the abandoned fort in the shadow of a nearby mountain.

As panic grips Horgus, ravens fly to the far reaches of Meadal in search of any who would help return their leaders and bring peace back to the lands.


Vanquishing a Villain

In the aftermath of the twisted games played on Meadal by the Elemental Courts, whispered rumours of a different kind of puppet master are brutally and violently confirmed by a vicious attack on the Aerie. Witness accounts are sketchy, but one thing remains constant: a blazing V was left to burn bright in the night sky on the once beautiful façade of the Aerie.

In the small hours of the morning after the attack, the heads of the major houses, as well as the various leaders of of other significant duchies, are awoken by Whispering Wind messages from the Duchess Catherine Ashtolat - a call to stand together to face this new threat with a unified force.


Council of Vengeance

After V’s messages were delivered loud and clear to the heroes of Meadel, the Duchess Ashtolat has called for the heroes of Meadel to come together yet again. This time she means to unify the forces that stand against V and other such threats to Meadel’s safety.
The Duchess has proposed that a new council be formed to coordinate and plan the final assault on V. She also issued warnings to the heroes attending that they may expect more interference from the villainous V.


Order's Last Stand

After the minor victory of the heroes of Meadel at the Ealderman Caves, another crisis is brewing across the lands in the duchy of Volkandria. Volkandria has been the sight of a devastating civil war that has been raging for more than five years, and now reports of elementals in the area are increasing daily. Although the Cornstalk Alliance, The Kingdom of Grann and the Grey Wastes are being flooded with chaos elementals, the duchy of Volkandria seems to be a secondary hotspot for elemental activity. Many suspect that the sightings in the area are directly related to events surrounding the recent battle in Horgus lands. Will the brave heroes of Meadel answer the call to arms once more? Was this V's plan all along

Bedlam at Shadowbridge

A stone's throw away from Wolfshead, lies the quiet...well previously quiet town of Shadowbridge, a town known for very little except the massive bridge casting long shadows across the entire town as the sun sets across the Arn River.

Shadowbridge's name has been heard again and again in recent days as rumors have spread that this small town has seen an avalanche of Chaos elementals heading toward Wolfshead from The Grey Wastes. Someone needs to stop them before they delve Wolfshead back into its former days of chaos yet again.

Beyond Tainted Sands

Panic reigns across Meadel as the once peaceful haven inside the veil is threatened. To the East, the Elves are marshalling their forces and their allies to face the dark forces threatening to tear apart their kingdom.

To the West, close to the vast deserts of the Burning Sands, forces are marshalling as well.

The Fist of the Sands has sent out a call to all those who are willing to help. They are to gather east of the desert in preparation for the assault. Those who are willing to help will be escorted through the Deserts of the Burning Sands to where the tear is. What they will find when they arrive is unknown, but the Fist has issued a stern warning to those who wish to help. Be prepared for the worst and keep the desecrated separate from those who are not.

Twilight in the East

The Veil is failing. The protective barrier that has kept the dark corruption of the desecration and its most mighty champion the Dragon King out of Meadel has begun to fall apart, massive tears growing ever larger to the East and West. Though the opening to the West has been dealt with for the moment with the Burning Sands now in a good position to hold back the encroaching darkness the same can not be said for the Eastern front.

The Kingdom and their Elven allies strain against the waves of desecrated forces being flung at the defenders and even the presence of their King Rolande has not been enough to turn the tide of battle. A plea for any help available has been sent out for if the Kingdom falls in their defense, so too will Eastern Horgus and eventually the darkness will pour into Meadel.

Festival of Maxari

Across Meadel a sigh of relief echoed as both breaches in the veil were finally under control. The giant tears in the veil are still visible as a glaring reminder of the looming darkness beyond. For now though, the threat is under control and the heroes who have been fighting the forces pouring through the breaches deserve a chance at respite.

The grand and mysterious Lords of Equitania have graciously offered to host a celebration in honour of those who fought so bravely. Equitania is a barony focused on the study and reverence of all things magical. Who knows what amazing adventure and acclaim await the heroes of Meadel in this enigmatic land…

Reflections of Oathbridge

In the shadow of the Veil, within the borders of Domicile Veneficii, a glittering statue overlooks a vast glass plain. This glass plain used to be the town of Oathbridge, the place where the Veil was raised, oaths were signed and a new hope was given to those fleeing the darkness that was before the veil.

The leaders of the Western Coalition, the Elves, the Dwarves and several other factions have put forward a suggestion to gather here and lay the foundations for New Oathbridge. With this they mean to create new oaths, and renew the unity needed to defeat the dark forces beyond the veil.

All of those who are willing and able are invited to join these leaders, renew their oaths and move forward as a united Meadel.

Blood wipes out dishonour. The sea is thirsty, she will provide. - Talo Da'Lua Motto